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New Renewtec report on “Small scale gasification” (in Swedish)

BioMil and Renewtec have together conducted the project “Small scale gasification” (in Swedish). Within the framework of the project the biomethane production cost based on gasification and methanation of woody biomass has been calculated for two plants with a capacity of 5.6 MWth and 33 MWth and with and without district heating integration.

The study shows a production cost in the range of 6.40-12.20 SEK/Nm3 biomethane (approx. 70-130 eurocent) depending on the investment support of the Swedish Energy Agency, choice of interest rate, fuel cost and if the excess heat can be utilized or not. Additional cost reduction is possible if the separated carbon dioxide can be used, e.g. as carbon dioxide enrichment in greenhouses.

The project has been financed by  Region Skåne, Region Halland, AB Gas & Värmeteknik, AGA Gas AB, BioMil AB, DGC, E.ON Gasification Development AB, Highterm Research AB, Lunds Universitet, NSR AB, O2 Bio AB, Purac Puregas AB och Renewtec AB.

Renewtec report 002:2014


Renewtec and BioMil in collaboration on small scale bioSNG production

BioMil and Renewtec will conduct 4 case studies regarding small scale production of biomethane through gasification and methanation of wood chips. Two plant sizes, with and with out district heating integration, will be investigated.

The project has attracted a strong interest and the following companies/organisations co-finance the project.

  • Region Skåne
  • Region Halland
  • AGA Gas AB
  • agnion Highterm Research GmbH
  • BioMil AB
  • DGC
  • E.ON Gasification Development AB
  • Gas & Värmeteknik AB
  • Kemiteknik, Lunds universitet
  • NSR AB
  • Purac Puregas AB
  • Renewable Energy Technology International AB

The project builds on a previous study conducted by Renewtec where technology and specific investment cost for small scale bioSNG production were treated.

Next step will be to investigate other feedstocks than wood chips. Especially different types of waste are of interest and we are open for discussions with stakeholders interested in joining such a project.

Please contact Jörgen Held, jorgen.held@renewtec.se, +46 (0)723-182582 for more information.