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REGATEC 2014 a success

With some last minute on-site registrations 160 registered participants from 25 countries took part in the 1st International Conference on Renewable Energy Gas Technology, REGATEC 2014.

27 speakers, including 4 plenary speeches, 24 poster presentations and 30 exhibitors make REGATEC 2014 to the largest gasification and biogas conference in Sweden during 2014.

The evaluation gave REGATEC 2014 a high mark (~excellent) but there is still room for improvements regarding the exhibition and the poster session that we will address at the next REGATEC taking place 7-8 May 2015 in Barcelona.

A big thanks to our gold sponsors, NAWARO Bioenergy Park Güstrow, China National Environmental Protection Corporation, Cortus Energy AB and MicrobEnergy GmbH, our silver sponsors, Gasum Oy, Kraftringen AB and Landwärme GmbH as well as all exhibitors, speakers, poster presenters and participants.

REGATEC 2014 conference proceedings
Send an e-mail to Dr. Jörgen Held with your contact details to obtain a free copy of the ISBN numbered conference proceedings in electronic format (18 MB).

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Renewtec engaged by a Chinese delegation

Renewtec has been engaged by a Chinese delegation from Tianjin University and China National Environmental Protection Corporation (CNEPC) to arrange a study tour to waste and animal body incineration plants in Sweden.

The state-owned CNEPC is China’s biggest waste management company. In their facilities more than 31,000 tons of waste are converted to electricity and biogas every day.

The delegation includes the vice director, the chief technical officer and a program manager from CNEPC and the dean of School of Environmental Science & Engineering and a professor from Tianjin University.

CNEPC has also signed up for the gold sponsor package at REGATEC 2014.

REGATEC 2014 in good progress

1st International Conference on Renewable Energy Gas Technology, REGATEC 2014 takes place 22-23 May at Scandic Triangeln, Malmö, Sweden.

REGATEC 2014 is directed towards thermo-chemical and biological conversion of biomass and waste to biomethane. Gasification, syngas cleaning, methanation, anaerobic digestion and upgrading are in focus.

The speaker list includes leading biogas and gasification experts from China, India and Europe including representatives from the European Commission, IEA Bioenergy and the European Biogas Association.

Results and experiences from unique first-of-a-kind biomethane plants such as GoBiGas (world’s first bioSNG plant in industrial scale) and Bioenergy Park Güstrow (world’s largest biogas and upgrading facility using energy crops as feedstock) will be presented by prominent industrial representatives.

Leading universities, research institutes and companies take part in the poster session. Due to the large amount of high quality submission the poster session has been enlarged to accomodate 24 presentations.

Following companies/organisations exhibit at REGATEC 2014
Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Association UK
Andritz Separation
BioMil AB
Bioprocess Control AB
Cortus Energy AB
ebs energy & bio solutions AB
ERT Refrigeration Technology GmbH
FARMATIC Anlagenbau GmbH
Greenlane Biogas
Indutec i Veddinge AB
Kemira Kemi AB
NAWARO Bioenergy Park ”Güstrow” GmbH
NBC 2014
Paques bv
Purac Puregas AB
Stirling Cryogenics BV
Venice 2014

Following companies have signed up as sponsors of REGATEC 2014
Cortus Energy AB (Gold Sponsor)
MicrobEnergy GmbH (Gold Sponsor)
NAWARO Bioenergy Park ”Güstrow” GmbH (Gold Sponsor)
Gasum Oy (Silver Sponsor)
Kraftringen (Silver Sponsor)
Landvärme GmbH (Silver Sponsor)

250+ participants are expected, making REGATEC 2014 to the largest gasification and biogas conference in Sweden. The deadline for registration is on the 30th of April.



Renewtec invited to chair at IGRC 2014

International Gas Union’s (IGU) large world gas conference, International Gas Research Conference, IGRC takes place every third year.

This year IGRC 2014 takes place 17-19 September in Copenhagen hosted by the Danish Gas Technology Centre. Renewtec has been invited to chair the biogas session.

Three years ago Jörgen Held was invited as a speaker at IGRC 2011 in Seoul. At that time he was the only Swedish participant. Hopefully there will more swedes this year now when the world gas conference is arranged in our vicinity.

Two other major conferences taking place this year are REGATEC 2014 and NBC 2014.

1st International Conference on Renewable Energy Gas Technology, REGATEC 2014 is the largest gasification and biogas conference in Sweden with 40+ speakers and poster presenters from more than 16 countries. REGATEC 2014 takes place 22-23 May in Malmö.

5th Nordic Biogas Conference, NBC 2014, is the largest biogas event in the Nordic countries. NBC 2014 takes place 27-29 August in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Renewtec wishes A Happy New Year

On the last day of the year Renewtec would like to take the opportunity to thank all clients, co-financiers and project partners for the good collaboration.

2013 has been an exciting year considering the increasing interest in biogas and gasification of biomass and waste, the result of the “Fossil fuel free transportation sector 2030” investigation and the market development of gaseous and liquid biomethane. Who could guess that issues related to cross border trading of biomethane would be in the focus already this year?

2013 was also the year when GoBiGas started up. Having followed GoBiGas on a close range since 2005 it’s pleasing to note that the brave and forward-looking investment by Gothenburg Energy now is realized.

2014 is prone to be at least as interesting and eventful as 2013. Don’t miss out the opportunity to meet world leading biogas and gasification experts at REGATEC 2014, 22-23 May in Sweden. There the first experieces of the commission and operation of GoBiGas will be presented. A few months later it’s time for the biggest biogas event in the Nordic countries, NBC 2014, 27-29 August in Reykjavik, Iceland. If everything goes as planned a decision to build a demonstration plant for biomethane through gasification and methanation in Scania, the southernmost province in Sweden, may be taken.

Happy New Year,

Jörgen Held
Renewtec AB

Visit at Güstrow biogas plant + new assignment

Renewtec visited Bioenergy Park “Güstrow”, the world’s largest biogas plant based on energy crops, on the 23rd of September. The plant produces 460 GWh upgraded biogas per year. At present the upgraded biogas is injected in to the German natural gas grid.


Dr. Jochen Tilger, CEO Bioenergy Park “Güstrow” GmbH to the left and Dr. Jörgen Held in front of a truck delivering substrate to the plant. In the background the absorption and desorption columns of the upgrading plant (water scrubber) are visible.



The visit resulted in a new assignment where Renewtec will map LNG and LBG operators and activities in Sweden.

Bioenergy Park “Güstrow” GmbH has signed up as a gold sponsor of REGATEC 2014 and experiences from operating an industrial scale biogas plant will be presented at the conference.