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IGRC2014 set a new record

International Gas Union Research Conference (IGRC) takes place every third year. This year the conference was arranged in Copenhagen and a new participant record was set. In total 750 people from 45 countries participated which is a remarkable increase compared to IGRC2011 in Seoul where 500 people from 39 countries participated.

The Swedish participation is still very limited. In Seoul I was the only Swedish speaker, in fact I was the only Swedish delegate. In Copenhagen there were, despite the favourable location, at most a handful of Swedes.

A distinct change from IGRC2011 to IGRC2014 is that the interest in renewable energy has increased significantly. The session on “Biogas as part of the Renewable Future” as the undersigned had the privilege to lead was placed in the largest room and attracted the greatest interest.

Power-to-gas was mentioned on many occasions and it is clear that there is a great deal of international interest, not at least from Denmark, in this opportunity to produce large amounts of methane, mainly from wind power, which then can be stored in the gas grid.

SDC12919The Audi G-tron was displayed outside the entrance to IGRC2014. A few CNG cars from Volkswagen and a filling station from Gazprom Germania were also at display.




A great tribute to DGC who hosted this well-organized and successful event.

Jörgen Held