Renewtec wishes A Happy New Year

On the last day of the year Renewtec would like to take the opportunity to thank all clients, co-financiers and project partners for the good collaboration.

2013 has been an exciting year considering the increasing interest in biogas and gasification of biomass and waste, the result of the “Fossil fuel free transportation sector 2030” investigation and the market development of gaseous and liquid biomethane. Who could guess that issues related to cross border trading of biomethane would be in the focus already this year?

2013 was also the year when GoBiGas started up. Having followed GoBiGas on a close range since 2005 it’s pleasing to note that the brave and forward-looking investment by Gothenburg Energy now is realized.

2014 is prone to be at least as interesting and eventful as 2013. Don’t miss out the opportunity to meet world leading biogas and gasification experts at REGATEC 2014, 22-23 May in Sweden. There the first experieces of the commission and operation of GoBiGas will be presented. A few months later it’s time for the biggest biogas event in the Nordic countries, NBC 2014, 27-29 August in Reykjavik, Iceland. If everything goes as planned a decision to build a demonstration plant for biomethane through gasification and methanation in Scania, the southernmost province in Sweden, may be taken.

Happy New Year,

Jörgen Held
Renewtec AB

Swedish experiences of biomethane as vehicle fuel

On the 10th of December Jörgen Held was invited to present “Challenges and pitfalls faced in the Swedish development of biomethane as transportation fuel” at the Gasum Gas Fund Seminar in Helsinki. Almost 70 people from industry and academia participated.

The seminar was opened by the CEO of Gasum, Antero Jännes, who spoke about the plans to connect Finland and the Baltic states through a pipeline and the erection of a large LNG terminal. Among the other speakers one may mention prof. Peter Lund, Aalto University  who gave an exciting presentation on how the energy system has changed over time ” World Energy Transitions” and prof. Christian Breyer, LUT who presented a 100% renewable energy system based on solar energy in combination with renewable methane.