Renewtec in a new assignment by Nawaro AG

Renewtec who in an earlier assignment by Nawaro AG investigated different possibilities for export of German upgraded biogas to Sweden has been engaged to bring together Swedish distributors of upgraded biogas and filling station operators with Nawaro AG.

Nawaro AG operates the gigantic biogas plant in Güstrow, south of Rostock. The plant produces 460 GWh/year of biogas that currently is injected into the German natural gas grid. 460 GWh/year is approx. equivalent to half of the total biogas consumption within the Swedish transportation sector.

Gasification of Shredder Light Fraction

Renewtec has made an inventory of techniques related to gasification of  Shredder Light Fraction (SLF) to a client who wants to remain confidential.

According to Swedish legislation shredder products containing more than 10% of organic carbon is not allowed to be deposited, it should be recovered (material or energy). End-of-Life products such as cars undergo a shredding process which result in shreeder light fraction containing plastic parts, textile, rubber etcetera.

SLF contains metalls, including heavy metals, but also substances that normally aren’t associated with gasification feedstock, such as bromine originating from flame retardants. SLF has normally a high content of ash and chlorine resulting in an increased risk for agglomeration, sintering, fouling, build up of depositions and corrosion.